This is what an iPhone 6s case looks like on a regular iPhone 6.

iPhone 6s case

This is what an iPhone 6s case looks like on a regular iPhone 6.

Apple has officially announced its big event of the year that will take place on September 9th. It is without a doubt now that they will unveil what will likely be the iPhone 6s. And for iPhone 6 case makers, those event are always important.

The major changes coming with this new iPhone will be both inside and outside the device. Along with those improvement will be:

  • Force Touch displays (similar to the Apple Watch)
  • A stronger design (Adios bendgate!)
  • An A9 processor, new Qualcomm chip for faster LTE speeds
  • 2 brand new cameras, including a 12MP camera in the rear

Regarding the rear camera, Apple is making a big change here for the first time since the iPhone 4, they haven’t changed the resolution since. It is unlikely that the 12MP camera will drastically improve your picture quality, but rumors say that this change has been made to enable the recording of 4K videos.

But what is the most surprising about this iPhone 6s upgrade is probably the slight size change of the device itself (a real headache for case makers trust me!). At Krown Case we have done our best to be ready for the big launch, and what was rumored for month has become now a reality.

YES the iPhone 6s will be thicker and wider (0.2mm thicker and 0.15mm wider), and so goes the iPhone 6s case.

You probably won’t notice the difference by just seeing the phone, but your beloved iPhone 6 case will (it will be like if you try to fit into those pair of jeans that you bought 5 years ago… there you go, now you understand me). An upgrade to an iPhone 6s case will be necessary.

Fortunately Krown Case got you covered. Our 2 collections will receive an upgrade to accommodate the new iPhone 6s, both the Slim Aluminum and Ultra Thin. The Ultra Thin collection will change as well, providing you with a case that protects the 4 sides of your phone and the camera lens.

Here are pictures of the new iPhone 6s case ready to be shipped from our factory on an iPhone 6.

iphone 6s front iphone 6s home button iphone 6s volume  iphone 6s bottom

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are scheduled to be on sale on September 18th in selected countries first.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

But it is without a doubt that Apple will try to make it’s latest flagship device available worldwide as soon as possible.